My name is Hope Johnson. From as far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed the art of the hand made. It wasn't until I began picking out my own wedding invitations that I truely understood what letterpress was. From then on, I was determined to learn the art. After graduating college, I was lucky enough to find a small tabletop press made for short runs. Its beauty lies in the pleasant imperfections often found in letterpress and my daily life. My favorite part of what I do is finding those who honestly appreciate the hand made art.

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Working on my own baby shower invitations. I mean I wasn’t about to trust anyone ELSE to letterpress them. =)

My husband and I will be finding out the gender at the baby shower… which I know defeats the purpose to know whether to buy pink or blue. It’s a good thing I’m a pretty neutral person regardless. We wanted to find out this way to witness everyone’s faces when they find out whether they’re having a grandson or a granddaughter, a niece or a nephew, etc… The things that will need to be gender specific, I’ll get to pick out myself after the fact. Sneaky sneaky Mama I am! =)