My name is Hope Johnson. From as far back as I can remember, I've enjoyed the art of the hand made. It wasn't until I began picking out my own wedding invitations that I truely understood what letterpress was. From then on, I was determined to learn the art. After graduating college, I was lucky enough to find a small tabletop press made for short runs. Its beauty lies in the pleasant imperfections often found in letterpress and my daily life. My favorite part of what I do is finding those who honestly appreciate the hand made art.

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Happy Anniversary to the man that’s always holding my hand. …the one that throws Finn in the air 50 times to hear him giggle. …the one who fixes the porch railings after I back into them with the four-wheeler. …the one who tries to fold the towels correctly. I’d loose my sanity if it weren’t for your own sanity. I think we’ve been married for 40 years now, right!? ;)

HELLO MY DEAR. SILKSCREEN TEATOWELS …coming soon. #silkscreen #teatowels coming soon from #thelittlebluechair

Well of course I got me one. #letterpress #stamps #addressing #thelittlebluechair

I prayed for this child… #letterpress #baptism #invitations from #thelittlebluechair

#baptism #invitations for my little man Finn. #thelittlebluechair #letterpress

Had to play doctor with a typo on a plate. =( #thelittlebluechair #letterpress

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some lace. This peach, champagne, and grey themed wedding is ideal for a cool, calm, and collective BIG DAY. 

nourishment, merriment, and general tomfoolery will follow…
grab your dancing shoes

custom letterpress wedding invitations by THE little BLUE CHAIR.
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SO. My husband is super construction savvy: building roads, buildings, houses, etc.. I grew up around the business. Between the two of us, projects are forever popping up. After graduating college, I no longer had access to the fully stocked printmaking lab. I was bound to my spare bedroom and whatever I could fit in the 10x10 foot space. I obviously can’t have a lithography press, a dark room, or silk screen equipment. I don’t think my pier house could hold a bagillion pound Vandercook Press or the lead type that would go with such a press.

In the mean time, I’ve been making the best and highest use out of this 100 square feet. I was lucky enough to stumble across a C&P 6.5x10” Pilot Press. The tabletop press was perfect for the space I have. I’ve been functioning pretty well (and tight) from my spare bedroom studio, and rightfully so. Everyone should start from the bottom. I have big dreams that don’t even know they exist yet. Poor dreams, they don’t even know what’s coming!

I was also lucky enough to marry my high school sweet heart, build our dream home, and start a family. We’ve done so much in our short little married life, and projects, well, they’ll just continue to pop up. 

my current project: STUDIO/OUTDOOR LIVING

If Pinterest were invented when we built our home, we’d still be picking out light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and all the awesomeness Pinterest has inspired! Our current project is an outdoor living area with an attached studio. My garage is dettached from our house, so this was the perfect structure to build against. 

Plans have been completed, forms have been set, concrete has been poured. framing next week. STAY TUNED…



a week or so later

Concrete has been poured, walls are up (studio walls at least), roof is on. The rain did NOT hold out before the roof was on, but all is well. Louisiana weather is so unpredictable. If there’s a 20% chance of rain, that typically means there is a 100% chance of rain over 20% of your area. Two days ago, it stormed at my house, my neighbor was dry. Of course, neighbors around my parts are about a mile away, but still.  

With the inspiration of EVERYTHING around me, I’ve had endless ideas. Every time I walk outside into the construction zone, I give my husband a new set of plans. He will kill me one day. 

I’ve attempted to clean out my old studio. I opened my closet and was nearly buried in a giant garage sale pile of someone else’s treasure. Things are getting there though! SO EXCITED, I REALLY MAY JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN!!!


(little guy was helping out)

Lately, I’ve been so giddy, that I’m hyper motivated to clean out, move furniture, order some outdoor wicker set (or go antique thrift shopping rather)… I want to invest in a larger press and a hot foil stamp. I want to design my Christmas collection and get to printing. SILKSCREEN!!!! I’m so antsy that I actually end up getting not one thing done; not even dinner!


There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. Going from my 100 square feet of studio space to my 28x14 square feet of studio space is going to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Still probably falls under the “small studio space” in a google or Pinterest search, but will be absolutely PERFECT for my needs. I can’t wait to decorate and organize and get the studio looking like its been there for a while. =)))))


FOR THE LOVE OF A BOSTON / letterpress coasters and birthday card

Everyone loves a bicycle printed on….well, anything!

letterpress bicycle coasters

OH BABY / letterpress coasters / baby shower

the man’s perfect letterpressed greeting card

let’s be real here…

congratulations, you just finished the easiest part of life

letterpress graduation card

congrats grad  /  letterpress graduation card